WingTsun Akademie Sifu Oliver Hage

English-Home: WingTsun since 1983 in Darmstadt and 1994 in Groß-Umstadt!

Our newcomers
Beginners are always very welcome! The instructors and most of the students are english spoken. We think it is important to integrate everybody as soon as possible.
Normally, we have a mixed training where all studentgrades train together.

Schools in: Darmstadt, Gross-Umstadt, Ober-Ramstadt, Weiterstadt

What is WingTsun?

Effective selfdefence – Training of reflexes and reaction – Meeting nice people

WingTsun is personal development

WingTsun training is done in a group, but on an individual basis. The capabilities of the individual are encouraged and developed.

WingTsun is fun

WT instructors pass on their knowledge in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

WingTsun is intensive and versatile:

Self-defence skills are learned by concentrated and regular training.

WingTsun is non-violent

WingTsun instructors are against any form of violence. WingTsun is pure self-defence.

History and Taoism

WingTsun is an old chinese martial art.
It was originally developed by chinese approximatlely 250 years ago and named after her first student. Her name -WingTsun- means „nice spring“. The aim then was, to give civilians -in war times- an effective possibility to defend themselves.

WingTsun stands for the tratition of Taoism.
Tao means „the way“ in chinese philosophy. It describes the permanent motion, the growth, the blossoming and the dying.
To achieve the unification with the Tao, individuals have to become like the Tao itself : spontaneous and open, simple and flexible, not strong and hard, not selfish and arrogant.

Defence through WingTsun is like a river, which flows toward the ocean.
If there ia a rock in its way, it still can not be stopped.
Desipte all obstacles it will reach its destination.

Master Oliver Hage

Please contact Sifu Hage for further Informations:
+49 172-4215858